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Holi-Daze by Ali M.

Holi-Daze by Ali M.

The holidays can be a difficult time of the year or is it just that we can be extra difficult this time of year? Like all of us, the path that led me to recovery is paved with tragic failure and personal shortcomings – such as the impressive ability to disappoint my family, unbelievably more so than usual, during the holidays. For most of my life, I let intrusive fears compromise all of my most important relationships and control my destiny. The effects of those choices could be subtle, even silent, but completely detrimental…like the complex heartbreak felt by my child.

Recovery altered the course for me, setting in motion a series of spiritual awakenings that have given me the most incredible life, full of unlimited blessings, gratitude, understanding, forgiveness, and more so than ever before….hope, as my family and I continue to heal together.

This coming New Year just feels different. Despite the complicated and overwhelming circumstances we may have found ourselves in recently, we survived. It feels like it was a minute or even a second at a time, but still, we remain intact. And no matter how difficult things may seem on the surface, I get to wake up every day and choose faith over fear. The recovery community lost a beautiful soul in November and her light can be felt this Christmas, as all our hearts radiate love out to her family. Happy New Year, Christine, we miss you!!


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