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Turning Point of Tampa has helped thousands find recovery. As an in-network facility, we are able and committed to helping you find the life you deserve.

Getting to Know the Staff at Turning Point: Beverly Womack, Assessment Therapist, Residential Treatment Program

I sat down with Beverly, between her usual morning appointments and the unscheduled pep talks with the new clients, to find out exactly what an Assessment Therapist does. It wasn’t easy to catch up with her; she is continually adjusting her schedule to accommodate her clients, many of whom need assistance and guidance in their early days of treatment.

Beverly began her career at Turning Point of Tampa in 2003 as a House Manager. Because of her commitment to recovery from her own addiction, as well as her hard work and commitment to the clients, she was promoted to Director of Admissions in 2006. In addition to her responsibilities in that position, she also attended Springfield College in 2008, where she obtained her degree.
She currently holds a Master’s Degree from that institution. Her current position still allows her to share her experiences in recovery as an alcoholic/addict with the clients.

Upon admission to Turning Point’s residential program, Beverly is the first therapeutic point of contact. She conducts an interview, called a psychosocial assessment, which is an in-depth biography of the client’s history. This enables the assigned therapist to better assist the client with treatment objectives. Beverly is very passionate about helping the clients in their quest to transition from active addiction, to treatment, to becoming a member of society once again.

Beverly is one of the most stylish therapists with regard to clothes, hair and makeup that we have at Turning Point of Tampa. Many have tried to copy her, and many have failed.
Also, she loves experiencing the world and has been able to travel extensively. Hawaii is her fav, but she also liked Thailand a lot. She and her husband plan on seeing Italy and Spain this year. Sure, why not?

Beverly told me her purpose in life is to help others. Her favorite quote is one of those things you hear at meetings that kind of change your thinking. It goes like this: “I have suffered through many things in my life most of which has never happened.” Me, too! Thanks, Bev.

To conclude:
Our goal is always to provide a safe environment and a solid foundation in 12-Step recovery, in tandem with quality individual therapy and groups. We have been doing Licensed Residential, Day/PHP, and Intensive Outpatient treatment in Tampa since 1987.

John B.

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