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Fox News Radio and Turning Point of Tampa Recovery radio. “Victim to Victor… A Tale of Two Addicts”

Fox News Radio and Turning Point of Tampa Recovery radio. “Victim to Victor… A Tale of Two Addicts”

Addiction is one of those human conditions that has no boundaries.

On this show we have 2 guests who both overcame drug addiction and substance abuse. One of them went from being an ex-con to honorary cop, and is now being awarded by Congress for his work towards helping young people from becoming victims of addiction.

These 2 guests will share their stories in how they went from victim to victor and what it takes to go straight.

Listen in for a real life perspective on overcoming drugs and substance abuse.

As CEO and Clinical Director of Turning Point of Tampa for over 20 years, I have heard thousands of addicts talk about the myriad of ways their addiction took hold of them.

The two stories in this interview describe how addiction can happen to anyone because who doesn’t want to feel better at some point in their lives? But turning to drugs for relief is never the answer because the relief is temporary and the addiction takes hold and ultimately destroys your life.

Angela’s and Larry’s stories are enlightening because they not only illustrate what addiction looks like, they also emphasize that there is hope and recovery available to anyone suffering from addiction. Treatment is the solution.

Robin Piper

If you or a family member is struggling with an addiction, please reach out for help. Call Turning Point of Tampa’s Admission Department at 800-397-3006.


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