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Finding my passion by Robert W.

Finding my passion by Robert W.

For me, I was very sedentary when I was using and drinking. I barely got out of bed unless it was to get drugs or to do something that supported my substance issue. I quit a lot of hobbies when I starting drinking and getting high, one of which was my passion for fitness and healthy living. I know, pretty ironic.

I got sober almost three years ago and I rediscovered my own passion for healthy living and the fitness world. In my early recovery I struggled greatly with finding an outlet to be alone and process everything. I found what I needed in the gym. However, I had to have a tough conversation with my Sponsor because I had been struggling with step work and I was wanting to act out in old behaviors. I have had to work on keeping it in check because I can be obsessive and compulsive. I think working the steps actively has helped me immensely.

Today I try and help guys who are new in the program with learning how to properly exercise or getting involved with healthy hobbies. I have decided to get certified as a personal trainer so I can help other people discover health & fitness can improve their lives the way it has for me. I have gained a lot of mental clarity through the steps and spending my time in the gym. Being in the gym is a type of meditation for me.