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E28: Lights, Camera, Recovery w/ Ahbra Schiff

E28: Lights, Camera, Recovery w/ Ahbra Schiff

DEC 01, 2021 – Today’s guest, Ahbra Schiff, joins us from Studio City, California to talk about a couple of upcoming events that shine a light on addiction and mental illness recovery. She also gives us the backstory on how she got involved with these events, starting with making the acquaintance of Leonard Bushel at a 12-step meeting!

Almost 6 years after first meeting him, Ahbra has been working alongside Leonard to put on the REEL Recovery Film Festival (Now in its 13th year) and the Experience, Strength & Hope Awards’ Gratitude Dinner. Both of these events are dedicated to increasing awareness of and reducing the stigma associated with alcoholism, addiction and mental illness.

As far as Ahbra is concerned, she is a sober woman with 3 grown children and she is grateful and proud to work alongside American and International filmmakers who make honest films about addiction, alcoholism, behavioral disorders, treatment and recovery.

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