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E21: Eating Disorder Recovery w/ Allison Walsh, JD

E21: Eating Disorder Recovery w/ Allison Walsh, JD

JUN 09, 2021 – You may have heard it said before that “we are only as sick as our secrets” and this could not be truer than with eating disorders. People suffering with an eating disorder tend to be very secretive and dishonest about what is going on behind closed doors. Keeping that secret can be life threatening.

Today’s guest is an incredible example of how recovery can change our lives and reveal our purpose. Allison Walsh suffered with Anorexia and Bulimia for years before receiving the help she needed to recover. Allison’s personal experience lit a fire in her to help other people, and she has truly built a life that inspires others.

Today Allison Walsh, JD is a corporate executive, philanthropist and success coach for women. In 2006, Allison had the unique opportunity to serve her state as Miss Florida, taking advantage of the opportunity to speak with audiences about eating disorders and the hope for recovery. Since that time, Allison started working in the behavioral health space, continued her work with several local and national nonprofit organizations and launched a podcast. She really does it all!

We hope you enjoy the episode and thank you for your support!

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