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E16: Leading a Life of Passion & Purpose w/ Tina Levene

E16: Leading a Life of Passion & Purpose w/ Tina Levene

APR 07, 2021 – Some people write books to share their story. Others become motivational speakers. Some even go on to provide staff trainings to companies, large & small. Our guest for this episode has done all three.

Tina Levene is an author, nationally-known speaker, and trainer who has worked in social work, education and the juvenile justice field for over 20 years. Often using her whit and personal experience, Tina is able to evoke a sense of relatability with audiences from the classroom to the Board room.

Tina’s unique experience with her own addictions, her journey to recovery and a passion for working with children recently inspired the founding of Tampa Bay’s 1st Recovery High School, Victory High School, where she is the Executive Director.

With a motto like “The Truth Is…There is Hope,” you know Tina is a force for good in the community. We hope you enjoy the episode.

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