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Do You Still Go To Meetings? By Mike H.

Recently a client came up to me and asked “Do you still got to meetings after being sober for so long?”  I saw the pained look on his face when I answered “Of course, where do you think the so long comes from?”  I know he didn’t want to hear that – his thought process was this “these meetings are kind of a pain, but someday I’ll be sober and won’t have to go anymore.”  I, unfortunately, have seen too many alcoholics who after a time thought that they didn’t need to go to meetings anymore.  As one of them told me (shortly before his relapse), “Mike, I have taken all the drinking, the chaos, and the insanity and turned them over to my Higher Power, and I don’t have to worry about them anymore.”  Wow!  What a deal!  I never heard my Higher Power volunteer to take all of my crap; that has always been my responsibility.  I find that meetings are a good way to remind me of what that responsibility is.  I had a bad day not long ago, and I ran into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in years.  I wanted to ask him “Do you still go to meetings?”  But I didn’t because I already knew the answer.

…I won’t ask.


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