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Just For Today, I think I’ll Stay Clean by Ashley N.

Freedom by Stephanie B.

Addiction – such a bad word, connoting images of paper bags, dirty men under the bridge and bottles of cheap wine.  In reality, however, it is more likely the middle-class, middle-aged man or woman sipping, gulping, hiding, working and striving to cover up their daily struggle of keeping up the façade of “I’m okay.”  The disease weaves in and out of their daily lives, whispering, lying and stealing, until there is nothing left but despair and death.

This is not written in stone, however.  Nowhere does it say that this conclusion is inevitable.  What will it take to beat the demon, pin it down and gain control?  It takes acceptance and surrender.  Accepting your powerlessness and surrendering to your Higher Power.  It means totally and completely working towards recovery and freedom.