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Fear…Bugaboo by John B

I am grateful that I am not dead.

Because, If I was dead I would not get to learn how it all turns out; and I really want to find out!    I’ll bet that it doesn’t even come close to the way I think it will.  I heard there are actually some 25 year olds out there wondering what has happened to the youth of today….Man, I am afraid, sometimes!

Certainly, fear can be a rational response to certain life events, like a fire or an avalanche, or a crazed man chewing someone’s face off, even!

But when fear is continual, everyday, day in day out, something may be lacking in your life.  Something lacked in mine: I was emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually bankrupt when I got sober.

Meetings and therapy and a support network took care of the first three.   But for me to get my “house in order” required a little more.  A belief in a power greater than myself was needed.

I resisted at first.  After all, how could there be a power greater than I?

It began when I realized that almost any 12 step meeting was, because if everyone in the meeting came at me at once,

I would be TOAST!

Then, one day, I had an epiphany….there really IS a power greater than me!  Now, I start every day by asking for help.

And I get help; not in the form I want, of course, but THAT is another story!