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How Overdose Increases During COVID-19 Are Impacting Local Emergency Rooms

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Although emergency room (ER) visits have declined by about 40 percent since the start of the pandemic, visits related to overdose, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health and addiction-related challenges have increased. Tragically, many ER staff do not have the training or the tools necessary to help those with addiction and other mental health problems. […]

Celebrating National Poetry Month – Poem by Jim Dwyer

Celebrating National Poetry Month - Poem by Jim Dwyer

A brief heroically wasted life was not after all what i was after a musty anonymous church basement room a close to opaque cloud of silver-blue cigarette smoke a cup of hi-test styrofoam coffee a merciless orange plastic chair the usual pre-meeting buzz & chatter the banter the world class palaver this strange fellowship of […]