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Which Way to Go, Anonymous

Which Way to Go, Anonymous

I started thinking about why there are times when it is so difficult for me to figure out God’s will for me in situations where I’m not sure what the right action is.  I’m always pretty clear what My will is for me.  It’s easy to figure out My will because it’s usually an action, or non-action, that will please me, keep me comfortable, get me what I want.  In other words, I WANT to take that action.  God’s will, on the other hand, is usually something different, pretty much the opposite of what I want to do.  It probably won’t please me, will make me uncomfortable, and I might not get what I want.  So why is it so hard to “figure out” God’s will?  Because I don’t want to figure it out.  As long as I’m trying to figure it out, I can still be doing my will.  If I can just drag out this “figuring out” process, I can keep putting off doing God’s will.

You see, once I’m clear about what God’s direction is for me, I now become uncomfortable  and no longer pleased with myself until I follow that direction.  Now here is where irony comes into play.  In the past 2 decades of my recovery, every single time I have figured out God’s will for me and followed that direction, I have ended up feeling pleased, comfortable and getting what I wanted (even if it wasn’t what I thought I wanted at the time I was still “figuring it out”).

So maybe next time I’m in a situation where I need to ask God which way to go, I’ll stop “figuring” and just go there.