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True Happiness: Giving to Receive by Eugene H.

True Happiness: Giving to Receive by Eugene H.

Usually when I think of happiness, I think of “Self” primarily. What can I do to make my life more fulfilling, happier, and more peaceful?

When I think of serenity, peace of mind, and joy, I think of obtaining these spiritual gifts for “Self.”

Recently I had the opportunity to reflect about times when I felt the most happiness, when I laughed out loud and felt at peace with myself or experienced joy, and I discovered that it was during times when I was providing service, giving of myself, my time, my energy, my love, my compassion, to others.

The kind of service that brings joy and happiness to others is the key, like when I concentrate on helping others to find peace of mind, I find peace of mind, or when I help others to laugh, I laugh; when I find ways to bring love, I get love.

As I reflect, when I am able to concentrate on bringing happiness to others, those are the times I am most happy; the same for all spiritual gifts.

It is giving that fulfills me the most.  So, when I take “Self” out of the picture and look at what I can do for others, I laugh the most; when I bring joy to others, my heart feels the gratitude, when I ask what can I do or how can I be of service, and when I am able to make others smile, I smile the most.

True happiness is the result of how we make others happy, “what a concept,” 12-Step recovery.


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