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The best thing that has happened to me by Alex K.

The best thing that has happened to me by Alex K.

In August, I celebrated ten years of sobriety. It is hard to believe that I have had the honor of being in recovery for a decade. Today my life is so unbelievably different than it was when I was still actively using.

Like most addicts and alcoholics, my life was entirely out of control at every level. I had all but failed out of school, and after ten years in and out of college, I still did not have a degree. My parents tried their best to help me, but I manipulated them and blamed them for my using. My physical health was continuing to decline. There were many mental health diagnoses, but I was never honest with the doctors about the drugs and alcohol I was consuming. My addiction ended up landing me in the hospital and being Baker Acted. Then after about twelve years of active addiction and a year of failed attempts to get sober, a miracle happened. At some point, I became willing to be honest and follow some simple direction.

In the last ten years, recovery and spiritual principles have drastically changed me from the inside out. During this time I have remained free from drugs and alcohol, but that is just a part of the gift of recovery. I have an inner peace and connection with my Higher Power that is hard to put into words but is with me each day. I have regained my physical health and sanity. My family is a part of my life again. I am currently in a master’s program after earning two bachelor degrees. Last December I married my beautiful wife in front of our friends and families. I am available to help other addicts and alcoholics on a daily basis. Joining the millions of people in active recovery is the best thing that has happened to me.

To anyone currently struggling with the many forms of addiction, my prayer and hope is that you join this way of life.

Alex K.


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