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Poison by Katie F.

Poison by Katie F.

Why did this disease choose me?

The devil in disguise tries to ruin me

They say it’s not my fault

My life is a wound covered in salt

We make mistakes to learn from

With poison on my lips what have I become?

You’ve taught me lessons and the truth is now found

But I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d be better off in the ground

I’ve hurt myself and those around me

I thought I got rid of him, how did he find me?

This poison helped me to escape for awhile

But when I return, lost is my smile

You love to depress me, you pretend to be fun

No longer will you fool me, for I am done

You turn me into a different person

I’m banishing you before the situation worsens

I’m so tired of not being happy inside

You turn me into Jekyll and Hyde

Why me? Why am I the black sheep?

Too many nights I’ve cried myself to sleep

I want to get better, I want to start anew

Starting right now, I’m getting rid of you

You’ve poisoned me for too long

It’s time that I get headstrong

I’m taking charge of my life

No more flirting with this knife

I’m going to be okay by myself

I’m taking that dusty Big Book off my shelf

Life is a journey and my brain needs to unpack

Without the devil on my back

I’m better without you poisoning me

It took me forever to realize sobriety is the key


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