E26: Legally Speaking – Addiction & Mental Health Interventions w/ Mark Astor, Esq.

OCT 20, 2021 – When faced with a crisis, many families to do not know where to turn. It can be very challenging to help a loved one who is experiencing a mental health crisis or facing addiction. When someone you know is decompensating to the point where they are threating to hurt themselves or someone else or they are using drugs and/or alcohol with no regard for severe consequences, an intervention is necessary.

Unfortunately, not everyone is open to accepting help. You may beg and plead with your loved one to seek help through therapy, treatment or a recovery support group, only to have them balk at your suggestions. Thankfully, there are ways that you can intervene when someone you know refuses to get help. On today’s episode we talk with Mark Astor, Esq., an attorney that specializes in helping families navigate the complexities of the legal system. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Mark has been an attorney since 1994. He began his legal career as a prosecutor but has transitioned to a practice that is dedicated to providing legal representation and guidance to people facing mental health & substance use disorders.

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