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Robin Piper


My name is Robin Piper, and I am the CEO and Clinical Director of Turning Point of Tampa. I have been working in the field of addiction since 1987 and have the honor of leading the team at Turning Point of Tampa for over 26 years.

One of my favorite things to do is to facilitate our Family Support Group. Our Family Support Group is offered to families of alumni and current clients to help them understand the disease of addiction and learn their own coping skills.

I am passionate about helping people turn their life around and have had the pleasure of seeing both clients and their families experience recovery.

At Turning Point of Tampa, we provide the kind of treatment that is lasting and impactful. We assist, teach, and model specific ways to succeed in a new life. Our clients leave treatment with a head start by understanding and applying a recovery program while living sober and abstinent. I have always believed that treatment should be life changing and life altering.

Robin Piper | Turning Point of Tampa

CEO/Clinical Director

As the CEO, I believe it is important that you feel comfortable where you go to treatment. Talk to the staff, see if the therapeutic services that they offer are a fit for you. Ensure they are licensed and accredited for the programs that they provide. As part of our commitment to uphold the highest standards, Turning Point of Tampa has met the requirements for the state of Florida as a licensed program offering all levels of care. Additionally, our programs are accredited by the Joint Commission, ASAM certified, and we are a proud member of the National Association of Treatment Providers (NAATP). Lastly, and important to mention, is that we are in-network with most insurance companies and have been designated an Institute of Quality with Aetna and a Center of Excellence with Cigna.

If you are your loved one needs help, call us. We are committed to guide you through the process to find the right treatment and begin the journey to a new and fulfilling life.