Hans Lutz


My name is Hans Lutz, and I am the Program Manager for Turning Point of Tampa. Since 2000 working at Turning Point my experience in addictions allows me to not only work with clients but supervise other clinicians.

As a primary therapist, I carry a caseload that I work with individually. With input from my clients, I create their treatment plan and set goals and intentions for them to accomplish while in our care. I facilitate groups for our clients in all levels of care. For clients who stay in treatment beyond 30 days I facilitate the extended care group. Turning Point also has a daily group called the accountability group which is one of my favorite groups to facilitate.

Turning Point has alumni activities throughout the year. Part of the success of Turning Point is our active Alumni. We have an aftercare group where our alumni can participate weekly. This group is a free group to all past clients, and it is free for life. Many alumni come to this group and share their experience strength and hope with current clients. In addition, every Thursday night we have an in-House Speaker meeting where alumni come to share their recovery story with the clients that are in treatment.

Hans Lutz | Turning Point of Tampa

Program Director

Becoming part of the Turning Point family includes employing and recognizing success. Once someone has maintained their sobriety for several years, we allow them to apply for employment. I am proud to see how these success stories work in various departments on campus.

What keeps me at Turning Point of Tampa is the emphasis placed on providing the highest quality of care to our clients.