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For Professionals

Turning Point of Tampa is a provider for the Professional Resource Network and Intervention Project for Nursing. These two programs were established to provide education, support and monitoring to medical professionals with impairing conditions such as substance use disorders. Because we are licensed as a Residential, Day/PHP and Intensive Outpatient facility, we can help you with whatever level of care is recommended for you. We have been working with the professional networks for many years and work exclusively with many of the health care organizations in the Tampa Bay area.

Turning Point of Tampa is a provider for the Florida Lawyers Assistance Program which was created to identify and offer assistance to bar members who suffer from substance use disorders, mental health, or other disorders which negatively affect their lives and careers. Their primary purpose is to assist the impaired attorney in his or her recovery.

If you choose to receive care at Turning Point of Tampa, we will provide all the necessary documentation and correspondence to meet the needs of the regulating body. You can also be assured that your care will be guided solely based on your clinical and treatment needs.

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