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Anti-Overdose Drug Available Without Prescription at Walgreens and CVS

An over-dose reversal drug will soon be available at Walgreens & CVS stores in Florida.

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Robin Piper had this to say about this development:

I would like to thank Ashley Neal for her comments on the use of Narcan. She is right, it is only a band-aid. Narcan (Naloxone) is not a cure for opioid addiction. Abstinence is the cure for an addiction and recovery is a process which starts with detox, treatment, therapy, support and maintaining a 12-Step recovery program. For some people, the disease of addiction can easily start out with a doctor’s prescription for pain medication following surgery or an injury. The body can become addicted and dependent on the next pill, and life becomes about getting the drug, regardless of the consequences. In my 30-year career working with substance abuse, I have seen many people survive and live sober, clean lives, which all started with admitting that they had an addiction problem. It doesn’t matter how you got started, it only matters that you stop.

If you or a family member is struggling with an addiction, please reach out for help before you are in danger of overdosing and Narcan becomes an emergency option. Call Turning Point of Tampa’s Admissions Department at 800-397-3006.